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Like many of our clients, we are first and foremost entrepreneurs. All of us have created businesses, both individually and/or together. We’ve experienced success as well as many failures along the way and so we understand the difficulty in going from a simple concept to a functioning business.


You have a great concept, a solid business plan and a clear roadmap of where you want to take your product or service, but you don’t have enough cash to spend on a killer branding strategy and online identity. If it’s an interesting idea that we see potential in, we can reduce or waiver fees in exchange for a participation.

Cash strapped startup

What we look for
in partnerships

For us, partnerships come down to two things: the money making potential of the idea and the people behind it and whether they are able provide the dedication to see it through. Creating a startup is a tough, full-time job, that requires full dedication of all parties involved, so our commitment will only be possible if we share common values, a shared vision and whether there is a clear cohesion between our teams.

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